We all have a story to share, Here's Mine...



After waking up one day in my mid-thirties with a fourth migraine that week, I remember saying to myself:  “I know that I can feel better than this.” At this point in my life migraines were a regular occurrence and I learned how to function with one.  I was also struggling for 12+ years with hip and back pain due to a very serious car accident I was in when I was 18. Every day I was tired and I never felt 100%. 



On top of dealing with chronic pain, unbeknownst to me, I was dealing with food allergies and sensitivities. I was always sick, from stomach pain to common colds and flu. My energy was never 100% and often times I was lucky to get short bursts of energy from caffeine. I was constantly bloated and feeling 50 pounds heavier than I actually was - like a constant force was just pushing down on me. And then, of course, there were the rashes. I would break out in red patches and hives all over my face and neck and up and down my arms at what seemed to be random times.. 



I knew this was a battle I could win. I took a moment to reflect on all the "impossible" things I accomplished in my life: I raised 2 children when I was just a child myself. I completed college and worked 2  jobs as a single mom of 2 kids and still had to find time to be a mom. I walked again after breaking both sides of my pelvis when I was told I wouldn't be able to do any of the active things I loved. With these accomplishments as ammo, I made the decision that I wanted to feel better. I pushed through that fear of change and started looking outside the normal way of “treating” things.I became my own experiment and started looking at my food intake. Finding the answer to the “Why do I feel this way?” is where the healing started, not the effort I put into the countless years of  covering up my symptoms



After doing my own research and learning everything I could about food intake and how it effects me, I stumbled upon the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. I began to realize that not only am I capable of healing myself, I could take all of my knowledge and experience to help others too. I want to be the message: a diagnosis is not an end-all be-all; it is a wake-up call. I want to teach others what I have learned: we have more control over our health than we realize. I want to empower people to take control of their health and teach how you can sustain a healthy lifestyle, and not one where you have to weigh your food every day for the rest of your life or even count calories every day to keep a certain weight. Learning what food works for your body is the key to this lifestyle change, and I want to support and guide you to figure that out!